Executive Search

Executive Search as a Process
Barry Persky & Company developed and practices a disciplined, process-oriented methodology to identify and deliver the right manager or executive on a fast-track project basis. The process, directed by the firm's experienced practice leaders, assures each of our clients that the recommended candidates will meet all the requirements and specifications required for the position and that the selected candidate will achieve or exceed the position's performance objectives.

Defining the problem - Predicting the Solution
We strongly believe that the foundation of any successful executive search project is a thorough understanding of the relevant business issues our clients need to address and the results to be achieved by a new executive.

Our experienced practice leaders function as project managers with the skills, tools and methods required to meticulously define the position to be filled, quantify the performance expectations of the new executive, characterize the ideal profile of the right candidate, and execute a search strategy to identify and successfully attract the most capable candidates to meet our clients' requirements. Executive search then is a process resulting in solutions implemented by our successful candidates.

The Executive Search Process
Executive search offered by Barry Persky & Company is a process and a set of tools and methods that have been successfully applied for more than three decades to identify and attract the kind and quality of management talent necessary to bring about solutions and positive change.

The Position Description
Based on standard project management practices, the executive recruiter and the client together define the issues and problems to be resolved and addressed by the new executive, and develop a resolution strategy with specific goals and supporting objectives. The result is a position description detailing specific responsibilities and accountabilities of the position as well as the current and long-range policies, plans, and activities necessary to reach the intended goals and objectives.

The position description becomes the cornerstone of the executive search project and an effective presentation to prospective candidates for the position.

The Intention of the Position
Candidate requirements for critical positions are frequently outlined without a complete understanding of what this position will accomplish or achieve. Matching candidates to requirements unrelated to performance expectations presents considerable risk that business objectives will not be reached.

That is why Barry Persky & Company works closely with its clients to obtain a complete understanding of the intention of the position - what is to be accomplished and how to get there. The kind of individual who can best meet these expectations is described in a detailed specification document and candidate profile ultimately approved by the client.

A Process rather than a Placement
With candidate specifications in hand, a search plan is developed and executed, including the research required to identify and target each and every potential candidate who will match the candidate profile. Since the search project is designed to address a client's specific business issues, each search is unique, targeting specific individuals rather than selecting from an inventory of available executives. Executive search then becomes a process, not a placement activity.

From Specification to Selection - Selecting the Right Candidate
Though many candidates are identified, only those who most closely meet the specifications are recommended, supported by a report with sufficient detail to confirm the candidate's merit and interest in seriously considering the position. Our client's selection of the right candidate from a concentrated pool of the most qualified candidates puts each search project on a very fast track from specification to selection.

Confirming the Selection
Confirming the selection of an executive to manage change and improvement requires a due diligence process that includes extensive reference checks. Barry Persky & Company delivers final recommendations that our clients understand, value and can trust.