A Small Company in a Big Marketplace

The company was formed about 10 years ago, raising capital in equity markets to develop and commercialize revolutionary and proprietary technologies that clean harmful auto emissions and reduce fuel consumption. Clear air standards, emission control regulations, the soaring cost of fuel, and the growing international awareness of the greenhouse effect provide the company with substantial business opportunities throughout the world.

A new chief executive was brought in by the Board of Directors to accelerate the commercialization process and build a company that will become a commercial leader in the global environmental solutions market. The new CEO, with strength in global marketing, is expected to develop and implement growth strategies, prepare and negotiate acquisitions and license agreements, and introduce products into new markets.

Although an expert in technology development, the Chief Executive does not have experience in this company’s specific area of specialty chemicals. Therefore, he sought to recruit a Chief Technology Officer regarded as an expert in the company’s existing technology platforms to identify opportunities, exploit existing product and process capabilities, and develop enhanced products based on current or complementary technology. Most importantly, the new CTO would be the company’s “technology ambassador” to support the commercialization efforts through relationships with customers, regulators, research institutions, government agencies, and strategic partners.

With a rigorous fast-track search process by Barry Persky & Company, the right candidate was hired that met every client requirement. He has a high-profile career in which he spearheaded research, development, and commercialization of similar innovative technologies and products. As well, he has significant expertise in technology transfer, licensing, and business development. On his high-profile role as CTO and “Technology Ambassador,” the candidate’s interpersonal skills, energetic leadership characteristics, and business acumen will make him a likely backup to the CEO.


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